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using Twitter (tweeting)The top leader at a social media giant is coming clean, finally, about how hot-button issues are treated: with disdain for right-wing views.

Amazon logo w/ frownCould Amazon's decision to cancel its plans to put a second headquarters in New York City come back to haunt the Big Apple?

euthanasia 2Montana lawmakers are trying to straighten out a mess caused by a court ruling on doctor-assisted suicide.

college professor teaching classGeorgetown University officials are pushing to force students to pay reparation fees for slaves that the Catholic institution sold in the 1830s.

Trump speaking outside WH (Feb 2019)President Donald Trump is on firm constitutional ground in declaring a national emergency earlier today, argue some conservatives. But did the president have other options to secure the southern border?

Planned Parenthood signA conservative organization is warning fellow Pennsylvanians that the country's largest abortion chain is trying to get an audience with high school students.

counseling therapy sessionA religious liberty law firm is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take up a free speech case now that the court has referenced it by name.

MS-13 gang member tatoosAn immigration enforcement organization explains why the tentative border deal working its way through Congress "is not worth making policy worse" just to add 55 miles more of border barriers.

Miss CapitalDespite hundreds of Mississippi students waiting in line for education scholarships, a bill that would have expanded the program in the Magnolia State has died in a legislative committee.

no Bible censor BibleA high school student board in California refused to allow a club for Christian athletes until a religious rights legal organization got involved.

anti-Israel flag BDS anti-SemiticAn anti-Israel BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) resolution passed last spring by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) Student Senate was reversed Thursday by the ASUO Constitution Court, which ruled that it violated the ASUO Constitution.

troubled teenAn organization is claiming not one but several victories from this year's Super Bowl.

indoctrination (human brain)Public libraries have become ground zero in the culture wars for allowing drag queens to read to innocent children, and now a drag queen named "Annie Christ" is pushing the sicko boundary.

Southern Baptist ConventionThe leader of the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. says Southern Baptists need to own up to – not try to explain away or blame the media for – the reports of child sexual abuse in their churches.

IGWT poster (large)An anti-religious group is being accused of censorship for attempting to stop taxpayers' funds in Arizona from going to a religious liberty law firm.

border wall (illustration)An immigration think tank says a tentative border deal looks "pretty modest" when it comes to funding for border fencing.

Big BrotherA civil liberties attorney likens a public university's punishment of campus Christian organizations to an Orwellian attempt at suppressing free expression.

Harvey MilkNew Jersey has now become the second state to adopt a law requiring public schools to expose students to the accomplishments and contributions of the LGBT population.


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