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Weekly Bulletin 

SUNDAY SCHOOL        9:00-9:50 AM
WORSHIP SERVICE      10:00-11:15 AM

  Welcome & Call to Worship       Psalm 36:5-10
* Hymn #71                Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
* Praise Song            How Great Is Our God
* Hymn #342             Jesus Is All the World to Me
* Opening Prayer
* Greet One Another
   Scripture Rdg         John 15:1-11
   Prayer Time
* Hymn #478              I’ve Found a Friend
The Vine and the Branches
* Praise Song            Yet Not I, But through Christ in Me
* Doxology
* Closing Prayer

Monday, August 2:
        7:00 PM – Summer Outreach Team Meeting

Tuesday, August 3:
   2:00-7:00 PM – Echo Blood Drive (at Echo Community Center)
        7:00 PM – Missions Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 4:
        8:00 PM – Selah – Concert in the Park, in Clarkfield

Thursday, August 5:
        9:30 AM – Alliance Women Meeting
        7:30 PM – Zoom Prayer Meeting

Sunday, August 8:
      10:00 AM – Worship Service

    An offering basket is available on the table in the foyer.

    The next Alliance Women meeting will be held on Thursday, August 5, at 9:30 AM. All ladies are welcome to join the group.

    The Missions Committee will meet on Tuesday, August 3, at 7:00 PM. Anyone interested in joining this group is welcome.

    You are invited to join the churches in and around the Clarkfield area for a community evening of Music and Praise on Wednesday, August 4, at 8:00 PM. The concert will be held in the Clarkfield North Park. Bring your own lawn chairs, as onsite seating will only be picnic tables.
    Our worship team from Echo Alliance Church will also be featured in the concert with a couple of songs. See you there!

    Thank you for generously giving $575 in the Love Offering for the international ministry of The Gideons! That will go towards providing scripture testaments around the world. God bless you.

    Vi Geistfeld moved to Granite Ridge Senior Living recently. Her landline number is 320-379-1043, and her new address is:
500 Skyview Drive, Apt 210
Granite Falls, MN  56241

    Echo Days will be held on Saturday, August 21st, and will feature its traditional parade. If you would like to work on a float that our church could enter in the parade, please talk to Pastor Marty.

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One News Now 

doctor with stethoscopeTransgender and race-conscious wokeness are spreading among America’s medical schools like a malignant tumor, where the far-left demand to cite personal pronouns and use terms such as “pregnant person” have devolved to the point that professors are being punished by their own “woke” students and are meeting in secret to discuss how to survive.

UMC splitWith the inevitable denominational split already on next year's agenda, a group of conservative United Methodists in Georgia have taken matters into their own hands so they can determine their own future.

Tracy Stone-ManningA controversial nominee to lead the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is already under fire for her radical environmental views and now a pro-life group has taken notice, too.

petri dish stem cell researchA university in California continues to harvest tissue from aborted babies, despite outspoken opposition and despite the availability of ethical research methods.

Empty teacher's deskMissouri Governor Mike Parson (R) is getting praise for signing on to House Bill 349, a bill to create a charitable scholarship program that allows qualified students to attend the school of their choice.

emergency room entranceAn abortion clinic watchdog group is exposing the suspicious relationship between an Illinois abortuary and a Catholic-affiliated hospital.

getting a vaccinationWhile evangelical leaders are conflicted on the subject of the COVID-19 vaccine, research shows that evangelical Christians are the least likely religious group in the U.S. to get it.

U.S. Capitol 3The nation's premier organization engaging directly in campaigns and advocacy on behalf of the family has a new project it hopes will make politicians more concerned about families.

Tucker Carlson (Fox News)Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has called out Democrats for using COVID-19 as a political weapon to take over the White House and gain control of America … forever.

Nancy Pelosi in mask with hands upHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has reportedly taken another major power grab on Capitol Hill by getting the Capitol Police to enforce stricter pandemic regulations as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changes it COVID-19 guidance by insisting that even those who have been vaccinated should mask up – again.

Soldiers return body of Afghan casualtyA military watchdog was alarmed to witness prominent Republican lawmakers vote to approve a Pentagon bill that includes an amendment requiring 18-year-old girls to register for the draft.

policeman by patrol carAfter fighting city council members last year, Washington, D.C.’s mayor is the latest Democrat to demand more police officers when shots ring out, but a veteran law enforcement officer says it’s a little late for the nation’s capital.

Dept. of Education (logo)Reeling from public backlash, the U.S. Department of Education is backing away from its plan to pour billions of taxpayers’ dollars into classrooms that teach tenets of Critical Race Theory but history suggests the Marxists never give up and go home.

Biden crime announcementA conservative activist believes the continued evidence that President Biden is suffering cognitive decline is hanging over the Biden administration and could affect next year's midterms and beyond.

Nigerian farmerA ministry committed to serving the "least of these" in places where no one else is serving is sharing God's love with women who are suffering extreme conditions because of COVID-19.

Country Mill signA Michigan man who was barred from a farmer's market because of his views on marriage is waiting to hear whether a federal court agrees with that policy.

Pelosi quiets cheering Dems 2Under Nancy Pelosi's leadership, the U.S. House appears poised to allow the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion, which means it's up to the U.S. Senate to take a stand for those who cannot defend themselves.

Two transgender soldiersAn advocate for America's fighting men and women says lawmakers need to stop allowing the Biden administration to put "all the wrong people in the right places to do the wrong things."


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