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Trump and St. John's walkA veteran writer is calling out reporters and their employers for claiming authorities in the nation’s capital sickeningly attacked peaceful protesters to clear a path for President Donald Trump and a photo-op.

Tucker Carlson (Fox News)Tucker Carlson spared no one in his take on the troubles plaguing the nation.

China's Xi in front of CCP meetA human rights advocate who spent years in China says there is fighting behind the scenes in the Chinese Communist Party, and that struggle could one day free the country from its authoritarian masters.

pregnancy ultrasoundEducation is a key factor in reducing the number of Arkansas abortions, says a pro-life activist. 

BLM protest in NYC June 2020A conservative black activist says President Donald Trump shouldn't hesitate to call on the American military to bring an end to the violence that's racking large cities across the U.S., including Los Angeles.

WHO leader TedrosA public policy think tank is commending President Donald Trump for withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization.

Trump on religious freedom 9-23-2019The Trump administration says millions of dollars a year need to be devoted to programs and policies that will advance religious freedom and around the world.

DC riots outside WH May 2020The violence filling American streets since the killing of George Floyd – resulting in the destruction of minority-owned businesses in some locales – is presenting an unprecedented challenge to law enforcement.

Counselor listening to childConcerned what the coronavirus lockdown has done to your children? You are not alone.

Lauren McClean (Boise mayor)The red state of Idaho is witnessing a “blue” invasion in its capital city of Boise, where the city’s new mayor is under fire for a left-wing wish list that she is downplaying as misunderstood recommendations.

U.S. Supreme CourtA religious freedom law firm remains hopeful that the Supreme Court will hear a case involving state limits on attendance at worship services.

abortion activists protestingA pro-life state representative says abortion activists are opposing a bill that would give women in Tennessee a chance to change their minds after starting an abortion.

Uyghur prisonersChina is using a heavy hand to keep Muslims in the country from practicing their religion.

empty pews in churchInstead of addressing the Presbyterian Church USA's decline of more than 50,000 members last year, the denomination's Stated Clerk has adjusted the figure to overlook what is actually a significant drop.

CNN logoA hard-charging Atlanta businessman named Ted Turner launched a cable news channel 40 years ago this week that revolutionized the 24-hours news business.

Safe Haven Baby Box (Benton, AR)Unwanted newborn babies have a safe place available – but evidently, it's not general public knowledge. The group behind the safe haven aims to correct that.

teens using mobile devicesPlanned Parenthood is using a new app to thwart abstinence education and circumvent parents.

employment applicationA new poll makes it clear most Americans oppose coronavirus funds flowing to illegal aliens, says an immigration watchdog.


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