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question mark confusionThat question caught fire on the web this week – and a conservative attorney argues the fact that that inquiry was trending confirms his opinion that early voting sometimes isn't such a good idea.

1 Corinthians 13Pastors in Southern states have joined together to denounce racism and affirm racial harmony but a talk radio host, who has tracked that same effort for years now, says it is past time to move on.

Kenosha riots - flagA national defense expert says the Philadelphia riots taking place after another police-involved shooting are yet another case of street violence being used to advance radical political agendas.

First Amendment Monument (Philadelphia)An elderly woman, punished for sharing her faith with others at a Rhode Island public park, will be allowed to continue witnessing after attorneys met and discussed the First Amendment and religious rights.

Trump with Christian conservatives placardA respected theologian is responding to an evangelical colleague who says he won't vote for either major party candidate for president on November 3.

Sen. Martha McSally and Pres. TrumpA political pundit believes President Donald Trump's visit to Arizona earlier this week will help the incumbent Republican senator there who's in a tight race that could determine the balance of the Senate.

Linus from 'Charlie Brown Christmas'A asking for the beloved "Peanuts" special to remain on network television has taken off like Snoopy dueling the Red Baron.

freeway exit signResidents of a West Texas city are continuing the fight to kick an abortion facility out of the city limits – and hopefully, out of business.

A conservative columnist says he is encouraged by early-voting numbers across the country which historically break for the Democratic Party but show Republicans are casting ballots, too.

counseling therapy sessionAn organization whose mission is to preserve and advance a culture of family values in the state of Texas is concerned that the state health council ignored the governor's guidance away from LGBT policy.

hotel room remote no pornAmericans are being asked to take a role in combating pornography.

COVID-19 illustrationIs the media politicizing the coronavirus? A professor of family medicine at Brown University thinks so.

Justin Trudeau (Canadian leader)A Canadian pro-family advocate says a coalition of two left-wing parties is propping up the country's prime minister and preventing a snap election that could bring down his government.

Hurricane Laura (aerial view)Aid organizations are once again responding to a Gulf Coast storm including one that has spent countless hours helping hundreds of people recover from Mother Nature’s fury.

'Freedom of Speech' sign held upA religious liberty law firm is awaiting a federal appeals court ruling that affects its client, a licensed professional counselor who demands the First Amendment right to free speech for his clients, and for himself, in the privacy of a counseling session.

Fr. James Altman (Wisc. priest)A clip from a sermon by a Catholic priest has gone viral, as he tackled the issue of Christian voters crossing the aisle in the upcoming election.

empty pews in churchA nationwide survey released last week reveals that roughly eight months after government lockdowns began targeting churches, only about one in ten Protestant pastors in the U.S. reports that their church attendance is close to pre-pandemic level.

Biden-Harris presserDemocratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden says he wants to form a commission to reform the Supreme Court system – a statement that some see as just more evidence that the former vice president will indeed "pack" the high court if elected.


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